Keep your Data
for Eternity

PEARCODE addresses private and public organisations willing to archive digital data by offering a low-carbon solution which ensures the durability of storage, data integrity, and security.

We reduce the long-term cost of archiving while solving the problem of scarcity of resources and energy consumption.


The evolution of digital data production and storage is not sustainable in the perspective of a "net zero" society by 2050.

New storage solutions need to be found to secure the integrity of data while using sustainable, affordable, and eco-friendly solutions.

PEARCODE's mission is to create innovative bio-inspired computing solutions for digital data archiving.


90 % of data

generated in the past 2 years.

8,000,000 data-centers worldwide

+7.5 million during the last 8 years.

Each year, data-centers:
► Produce metric tons of hardware waste
Drain country-sized amounts of electricity
Generate CO2 emissions as much as the  global airline industry

80 % of digital universe is "cold"

With no need to access  data instantly.


Available resources more and more scarce

Extremely high energy requirements

for data storage maintenance and migration

Limited durability of storage

life-span up to 10 years.

Our Solution

PEARCODE offers a low-carbon solution for digital data archiving that uses a new bio-inspired storage medium: synthetic DNA.

This innovative solution is revolutionizing the world of storage as it offers a capacity that is a billion times greater than the one offered by hard disks while dramatically reducing the cost of long-term archiving due to the durability of the molecule for thousands of years without the need for data migration.

Patented solution (CNRS/UCA) - Methods for storing digital data as, and transforming digital data into, synthetic DNA, M. Dimopoulou, M. Antonini, US n°16/811,985, 2020


Confidential Data

Medical Labs



Legal Acts

Insurance Companies


Law Firms

Cultural Heritage

Cinema Industry

Musical Production


Who we are

Photo-portrait de Melpomeni Dimopoulou

Melpomeni Dimopoulou

PostDoctoral Researcher / 3 Awards of Innovation / 3 Best Paper Awards / More than 12 publications / 1patent on DNA coding / JPEG DNA expert


Photo-portrait de Marc Antonini

Marc Antonini

Research Director CNRS / 30 years of experience / Co-founder of Cintoo / Chair of the JPEG DNA standardization group / Program Director of the PEPR  “MoleculArXiv” / More than 250 publications / 13 patents


Photo-portrait de Louis Delaittre

Louis Delaittre

Business development / 30 years experience / Finance / Sustainable Energies/ Construction Industry/ Msc in Strategy/ MBA /


Academic and Financial Partners

Industrial Supporters



PEARCODE will be recruiting researchers and developers in the next few months.

If you wish to participate to the ongoing digital revolution and join a dynamic team, in a pleasant and supportive work environment, we recommend you to get in touch.

We will circle back to you as soon as we open these job opportunities based in the 1st European technology park in Sophia-Antipolis, in the South-East of France.

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